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Li Dongheng
Li Dongheng

Li Dongheng, born in Nanyang of Henan Province, graduated from Department of Marine Power of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1968. He joined the PLA after the graduation and is conferred the rank of lieutenant general. Li was a member of the 16th CPC Central Committee and now is a member of the Standing Committee of the Eleventh CPPCC National Committee.

The forty-year army experience polishes the former student with enthusiasm and determination into a senior general of PRC who has devoted himself into the cause of heroism and has made great contributions to the development of the army. His sweat and pain have been melted into the prospective blueprint of the military school reform. He spent about eight years with his colleagues on elevating the Armed Police Force’s ideological and political work to a new height through explorative and innovative approaches. Even when he approached the age of 60, he devoted himself with full passion into the frontline of military reforms with Chinese characteristics and made contributions to the defense researches represented by the Shenzhou series manned space missions and the modernization of the PLA’s weaponry. In the past decades, Li wrote down his insights into the theories on the development of national army and has published about 100 important papers and works in major journals.

Since the childhood, Li Dongheng was fond of and also good at writing Chinese poems to express his thoughts and emotions. The army experience endowed this gentleman with perseverance and fortitude. His recently published A Collection of General Li Dongheng’s Poems and Calligraphic Works outlined the orbit of how a country child grew into a talent useful to his country and described the giant changes of the nation since its foundation. A dozen of poems were created during Li’s college years at SJTU and some of them are greetings to his classmates and the Alma Mater, which are so touching and expressive.

Li Dongheng has been always proud of his identity as a former student of SJTU and has been trying to do as much as possible for the development of the university and its students.

In the 110th Anniversary of SJTU, Li Dongheng led a united team of General Armament Department to participate in the celebration and tried to seek for more cooperative opportunities for SJTU in the fields of defense scientific research and weaponry innovation. In 2009, Li Dongheng was elected as the president of Beijing Branch of SJTU Alumni Association. The branch has established close contacts with the alumni in various industries and circles and has set up sub-associations according to the categorization of industry, like energy, electricity, aviation, finance and investment, information industry, shipping and transportation. Under Li’s leadership, Beijing Branch made great contributions to SJTU’s success in getting the key national projects like Large Aircraft R&D and the State Smart Grid Center.

Reported by Hou Yulu