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He Pengnian
He Pengnian

He Pengnian, a senior economist, born in Shanghai, graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1948. From 1985, he has worked as chairman and general manager of Shanghai Airlines and also its founder. At present, he is the honorary chairman of Shanghai Airlines, honorary director at the School of Air Transportation of Shanghai University of Engineering Science, and adjunct professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Under the leadership of He Pengnian, Shanghai Airlines has gone through a dozen of years and become one of the renowned domestic airlines. He Pengnian advocated the business objectives and service concepts: “safety priority, customer-oriented, quality service, reliable credibility” as well as the “smile service” concept. He has made his outstanding contribution to our country’s aviation industry.

Having achieved a lot in his career, He also shows caring towards his alma mater. For a long time, he is concerned with the development of SJTU and took an active part in all kinds of alumni activities. In 2003, he organized the Annual “Siyuan” Alumni Donation and helped poor students resume study. This activity is to promote the motto of SJTU “Responsibility and Gratitude”, unite the affectionate love from its alumni home and abroad to SJTU and accumulate money for SJTU’s construction. It is designed to build SJTU into world-class university with the help of thousands of SJTU alumni.

He Pengnian once said, “SJTU has produced a group of outstanding alumni, such as Qian Xuesen and Wang Daohan, who have contributed a lot to our country. It is of utmost significance for our nation to cultivate students into future elites. SJTU enrolls students from all over the world, and many of them come from West China and remote areas. If they drop school due to financial problems, it will be a great loss for our country. It is our responsibility to help these outstanding yet impoverished students and it is our honor to promote this activity and do good things for our nation.”

As the leader of this activity, he would take the initiative in annual donating, organize the group meetings and give his support when helping poor students and renovate public facilities. Up till now, the Annual Siyuan Alumni Donation has gathered more than 4,000,000 yuan, with participants amounting 10,000.

Reported by Zhang Shuang