Xu Liangyu
Xu Liangyu

My goal of being a versatile person

         From my childhood, I’ve always been a good student, with high marks in exams, and am the beloved of teachers. But one day, I read in newspaper about the particular phrase ‘high marks and low abilities’, which was used to describe some excellent students who were only outstanding in academic areas. I swore that I would not be a person like that. So from then on, I have set my goal of being a versatile person. During my years as an undergraduate and as a graduate in SJTU, I tried my best and seized every opportunity to take part in all kinds of activities, from which I not only make new friends, but also learned new types of abilities.

About Her

Educational Background

  • 2007.09-2011.06     Bachelor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (Second Major: Business Administration)
  • 2011.09-2014.03    Master of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Design and Manufacture of Naval and Ocean Structure      

Honors & Awards:

  • Second Prize of the Seventh National College Students Zhou Peiyuan Mechanics Competition (the only one winner in Shanghai);
  • Best Debater of the Third “Elegance Cup” Debate Competition of School of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Civil Engineering, SJTU;
  • Outstanding Graduate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University;
  • Outstanding Graduation Thesis of Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Singapore Technologies Engineering Scholarship, twice (2008, 2009);
  • Shanghai City Scholarship (2010); Class NK 100 Scholarship (2011).
  • Class NK100 Scholarship (2012); Tung OOCL Scholarship (2012);
  • DNV Scholarship (2013)
  • The Second Prize of the Ninth “Huawei Cup” National Graduates Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Just as what Xu Liangyu describes herself, she is really an excellent, versatile student.

As a student, she has rigorous attitude toward study, and her research ability was outstanding. During her study as a master, she published three academic papers, such as Research on Hydrodynamic Performance of Double barge and Elevation of Wave Surface, which was in the 2012 Paper Collection of Ocean Engineering Academic Conference; and Research on Multiple Floating Body Hydrodynamic Interaction on the Basis of Installation Process by Uplift, which was in the Collection of Paper of the 16th China Ocean Engineering Academic Conference (volume one).

Yet she is absolutely not a bookworm, she took part in many projects and boasts internship experiences. From July, 2010 to September 2010, she was in the Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd, in which she participated in the computation and analysis of stability of HT50 hoverbarge, and learnt to use GHS (General Hydroststics). Then, during her master years, she participated in three projects, such as Model Test of Liwan 3-1 Blocks Uplift Installation Design, and Research on multiple floating body hydrodynamic interaction on the basis of installation process by uplift.

Besides her study, research and internship experiences, what catch the eyes of all are her diverse abilities. She achieved the high score of 111 in TOEFL exam, and the score of 594 in CET-6. Her computer skills are also abundant—a Third-level Certificate for National Computer, C++; and she is familiar with Matlab. In addition, she masters specialty software: have a good knowledge of potential flow and viscidity; and is proficient in HydroDHydrostarDeepcFlow3dPatran. She took part in many extracurricular activities, sometimes being a hostess, and sometimes a volunteer. All in all, her life is lightened by her versatility.