Xu Jing
Xu Jing

A passionate and versatile girl

         From 2007 to 2013, I have spent almost seven years in SJTU. This period of time for me is more valuable and cherished than ever before. All I want to say to SJTU, my Alma Mater, is thank you—thank you for helping me grow up by giving me such a wonderful place for studying, doing researches and experiencing all kinds of things that I ever dreamed of. I major in ship and ocean engineering. This major is a hard nut to crack, but I managed to hold on and did a quite good job. I guess that, on the one hand, it is because of my passion for this major that helps me move forward, and on the other, it is the strong academic atmosphere here in SJTU that pushes me forward. Thanks to the external and internal factors, I not only studied at SJTU, but also pursued my study as an exchange student in Yokohama National University, Japan, in 2013. That exchange experience really broadened my horizons and helped me grow up a lot. Apart from the academic field, I also joined lots of extracurricualr activities inside and outside campus. Without SJTU, I could not have such kind of opportunities to improve myself and to develop my all-round abilities.

About Her

  • M.S. in Ship and Ocean Engineering, SJTU
  • Exchange student in Yokohama National University
  • Recipient of Scholarships from 2010 to 2013
  • Outstanding graduate of SJTU
  • Leader for experimental and numerical study of ship motions in wave
  • Leader for Experimental study of maneuverability of a free running ship (NSFC)
  • Vice Minister of Deng Xiaoping theory research society of SJTU
  • Minister of Organization Department of CYL in SJTU


Xu Jing, who performs excellently in her study, has also shown great passion for social work and student activities. She has been the Minister of NAOCE Postgraduate Association of SJTU, Vice Minister of Deng Xiaoping Theory Research Society of SJTU, and Minister of Organization Department of CYL in SJTU, organizing and participating in many activities. In the meantime, she took every chance to improve herself by having internships in CS-MARINE, State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering, and Mingde Heavy Industry.

Besides all those working stuff, she takes delight in her various hobbies, including drawing, running, dancing, and doing yoga. She is a sunny and lovely young lady, being ready for every challenge and opportunity in her life.