Wang Xun

Enriching Life in the Dream University

         Learning in SJTU has long been my dream since I was a young boy. When I was eventually given the chance to further my study here, I swore to myself that I would cherish this hard-won opportunity to make my life a brilliant, exciting and meaningful one in this dream place. In study, I widened my horizon by reviewing all kinds of literatures and tried to look at every question from an international perspective. In practice, I participated in welfare services and internships, which made me realize the difference between classroom knowledge and legal practice. Two and a half years have passed, and now, it’s the time to say, I did it. I grabbed every chance to enrich my life in this university and what I learned here will brighten my way all along in the future.

About Her

  • M.A. in Law, KoGuan Law School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • SJTU Academic Excellence Scholarship (B Class) Twice
  • SJTU Merit Student
  • Monitor of Law Graduates

Wang Xun is an excellent SJTUer with rigorous academic attitude and strong social responsibility. He humbly owed his achievements to his supervisor and friends, who he described as those that offered great help and guidance in his university life. In academic field, he always kept in mind his supervisor’s words “global view and current issue,” which led him to the accomplishment of his interdisciplinary research on Jurisprudence and Finance. His rigorous attitudes and perseverant effort justifies the two SJTU Academic Scholarships he won.

Social welfare service is another highlight in his university life. He participated in the voluntary law population event organized by Bureau of Justice of Minhang District, where he helped citizen solve common law problems and offered consulting services. It is during this process he started to realize the difference between legal knowledge in books and legal practice in society. The urban management service in April 2014 is another example of his numerous voluntary work.

Though Wang Xun is quite busy with not only his academic tasks but also the internship at a Swiss consulting company and his research project at Shanghai Housing Security and Management Authority, he is too responsible as a monitor to set aside his classmates. He regularly organized class activities to unite the students on weekends or holidays. Helpful and considerate enough to detect the needs of students, he invited experts in career development and graduated alumni to provide lectures for students in their graduation year. His contribution to the class and his helpfulness to students earned him high reputation and eventually made him elected as the SJTU Merit Student by his school in 2012.

To him, two and a half years in this dream university is far less than enough, but he made it as rich as possible. What he learned and gained in SJTU will exert long-term benefits to his career even to his whole life, as he surely believes.