Pan Jie

Always Taking the Initiative

         If someone should ask me what kind of character I benefit most from, I would answer with no hesitation—taking initiative. For me, life is a journey with so many uncertainties, and the best way to grasp it is to take initiative and make some changes by ourselves. I always believe that we should not wait for opportunities, but we should try to create them. By making positive efforts, I see my life changed differently. While at the same time, I also feel so lucky that three years ago I was enrolled in SJTU, a university full of vigour and students with fresh, original thoughts. By interacting with my counterparts, I was inspired and felt excited to do something new as a leader. The young people—leaders of the future, are the best thing that I’ve known on this campus.

About Her

  • Major in Chemical Engineering inSJTU
  • 2011 Second-class of Scholarship in SJTU
  • Excellent Graduate, SCU & SJTU
  • Excellent Student (twice), Excellent Leader, SCU
  • The 3rd Prize in Badminton Competition, SCU
  • National Outstanding Team, 2nd Google China Social Innovation Cup

Despite the excellent performances in academic area, Pan Jie takes part in many extra-curricular activities. For example, in March and April, 2013, she was the leader of i-Square (Unilever R & D Center Case Study Challenge), in which she led an eight-man team and broke the smooth volume paradox with 15 days. In the process, she acquired independent thinking through Mind Mapping, making schedules and directing activities. Also, she used to be the founder of Inspiration Association Sichuan University (IASCU) when she was an undergraduate. Created a club with 12 of my friends, she recruited members over 100 in the first year. Main activities of this society including Morning Exercise & Reading, Sharing Session, Thanksgiving Experience, etc.

Apart from extra-curricular activities, she has abundant internship experiences. From Dec. 2012 to Mar. 2013, she was an assistant in Services Operating Division, Shanghai Ingersoll-Rand Compressor Co., Ltd. There she obtain the abilities of data analysis with Excel efficiently and fast-paced setting through the work of updating the client database and so on. Besides, she also works in Innovation management department, Evonik Degussa Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd., and Industrial Products Division, Nomura Research Institute.

Pan Jie masters two foreign languages, English and Japanese, and in both language tests she achieved high marks. She is also good at public speaking, mind mapping, and used to be an art editor of high school magazine. Her interests and hobbies enable her to develop all-roundly.