Mei Qian
Mei Qian

A passionate and energetic young lady

         What is the most precious treasure that I have acquired during my study in SJTU is to find a good balance between my academic study and student activities. As a graduate student, much of my time is devoted to academic research which helped me form a logical and comprehensive way of doing research. But that is not all my life in SJTU. I’ve always been telling myself that knowledge needs to be perfected by practice. Thus, I am not a student who only buries in books. Instead I took an active part in several student activities like SJTU Graduate Union, which improved my communication skills a lot. I also enriched myself by internship in several leading companies like Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd., where I could use the knowledge that I have learned to make contribution to product invention. I am happy that I chose to come to SJTU at first place and I am more than happy that I took full advantage of studying here to make me a more passionate and energetic person.

About Her

  • M.S in Materials Science and Engineering, SJTU
  • Recipient of Scholarships from 2010 to 2013
  • Minister of Liaison Department, SJTU Graduate Union

As a passionate and energetic young lady, Mei Qian keeps abreast of the current world, trying to improve herself in every aspect. Besides the study in materials and engineering, she has made great efforts in learning English as well as Japanese in her spare time which has paid her back in her later work. Because of her diligence, she won scholarships for several times.

Mei devotes herself not only to study and academic researches, but also to internships and student activities. She was a member of minister of Liaison department of SJTU Graduate Union, where she gained the experience of how to win sponsorships successfully. Besides, she interned and worked in Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd., Bain & Company, and Frost & Sullivan, where she knew how to cooperate with colleagues to invent new products and mastered a lot, such as office suites, Origin, AutoCAD, NGSLabspec etc. The student activities and working experience enables Mei to have perfect skills in communicating and negotiating with others.