Ding Jianguang

Far-sighted, Auto-critic, and Self-regulated

         I think there are three qualities that determine a successful university life. First, one should be far-sighted. I always focus on my overall comprehensive ability instead of a single advantage in a particular field, though that’s beneficial too. I tend to care more about my future development and the trends of the society, the country, even the world, thus equipping myself with various abilities to fit them. Second, one should be auto-critic, which means when you meet someone better than you, you should always think to improve, and when you meet someone inferior to you, you should always see in yourself whether you have the same shortcomings or weakness. Third, which is also the most important, one should be self-regulated. Only when you are able to regulate yourself with a healthy lifestyle, an efficient timetable and a rigorous attitude, can you cultivate yourself into a fast learner and an effective worker.

About Him

  • M.E. in Electric System & Automation
  • SJTU Academic Excellence Scholarship (B Class)
  • Schneider Electric Scholarship
  • SJTU Top 10 Class Director
  • SJTU Outstanding Student Leader (twice)
  • SJTU Outstanding Student Counsellor
  • SJTU Outstanding graduate
  • SJTU Outstanding Youth League Member (twice)

Ding Jianguang has been in SJTU for six and a half years. In this long time during which he grows from a curious undergraduate to a mature and outstanding graduate student, he spared no effort to develop the three qualities he summarized (i.e. to be a far-sighted, auto-critic and self-regulated man.)

From very early time in this university, Ding has realized what type of talent the university and society needs, not the one who spends all day studying books, but the one who develops strong comprehensive abilities. Thus, he not only learned well the knowledge in books, but also made himself engaged in various activities and roles to meet the requirement of his future development. He served as Class Director of undergraduate students, Student Counsellor of SJTU Career Center, as well as Deputy Minister of the Organizing Department of SJTU Youth League. These experiences cultivated his responsibility, leadership, and problem-solving skills. His outstanding performance in these roles was widely recognized, winning him numerous honored titles, such as SJTU Top 10 Class Director, SJTU Outstanding Student Leader, and SJTU Outstanding Student Counsellor.

In study and research, Ding Jianguang always stuck to the rule of being auto-critic and self-regulated. He not only learned from the strength of others, but also warned himself from the weakness of others. Improving is the main theme of his academic career. Self-regulated as he is, Ding Jianguang was always a motivated learner, as well as an efficient and rigorous researcher. It is due to his effort and attitude that he managed to accomplish three national research projects and won three scholarships. As the reporter believes, Ding Jianguang’s key to success is illuminating and inspiring for all the SJTUers who want to make achievements in their university life.