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State Key Laboratory of Mechanical Systems and Vibration

Brief Introduction

  The State Key Laboratory of Mechanical System and Vibration, which was approved and initiated at the end of 1988, was founded and put into operation in 1995. It covers an area of 11,000 m2. There are 53 faculty members, including two members of Chinese Academy of Engineering, four scholars supported by National "1000-elite Program", five scholars awarded National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and five Cheung Kong Scholars. The lab is located in the applied fundamental research, focusing on both civil and military application. With the strategic objective of developing the national manufacture industry and national defense equipment, the lab carries out the fundamental research on the high-level application of mechanical system and vibration by emphasizing on complex equipment for manufacture, rotational machine, automobiles, and naval vessel, etc. The lab is striving to build itself into a world-class scientific research platform to contribute to the improvement of self-design, manufacture and integration abilities of civil and national defense equipment.



  • Director
  • Prof. Gao Feng

  • Director of Academic Committee
  • Zhong Jue, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

  • Team Members
  • Ruan Xueyu, Xie Youbai, Ni Jun, Lee Jay, R. G. Parker, Huang Peisen, Lin Zhongqin, Geo Feng, Meng Guang, Ding Han, Zhu Xiangyang, Lai Xinmin.

    Research Fields

    • Vibration, Shock & Noise Control
    • System Dynamics & Control
    • Signal processing & Intelligent Maintenance of Mechanical System
    • Theories & Methods of the Design for Complex Mechatronic Products
    • Manufacture System & Quality Control for Products

    Research Achievements

  • Analysis and control of vibration, shock and noise for warship
  • Aiming at both the civil and national defense requirement, study key theories and general technology of warship shock and noise control, in order to provide the theoretical and technological support to the vibration and noise reduction of warship equipments.


  • Theory and application technology for the design of major technical equipment
  • Study the theory and method for the design of major technical equipment in the field of heavy manipulator, electronic manufacturing and NC manufacturing, forming the theory system for the design and manufacturing of major technical equipment to contribute to the self-innovation of national major technical equipment.


  • Biological manufacturing and biomechatronic system
  • On the cutting edge of world interdisciplinary research, study on bio/machine interface, mechanical virtual human of China, artificial muscle and chromosome microdissection equipment, applied successfully to clinical medicine or medical scientific research.


  • Manufacturing system and manufacturing quality control
  • With the national strategic demand for developing the aeronautical, railway and automotive industry, study on the manufacturing system and manufacturing quality control of large passenger aircraft, China railway high-speed and automobile, to improve the quality control abilities of manufacturing corporations and reap the economic benefits.



  • CNR Tangshan Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd
  • Established the "SJTU-TRV joint laboratory of high-speed vehicle body technology" to carry out the research with the demand for research and development of CRH vehicle body, form the technical system of precision manufacturing and quality control of CRH vehicle body, and establish the world-class manufacturing platform of railway vehicle body.


  • China First Heavy Industries
  • To jointly carry out the research and development of heavy forming manipulator, servo press etc. with self-owned intellectual property rights, and contribute to the improvement of industry technology level and the promotion of domestic design and manufacturing of heavy equipment.

  • University of Michigan
  • To jointly study the electode plate manufacturing of proton exchange membrane fuel cell and stack assembly, micro functional precision components manufacturing technology, supported by the National Science Foundation of China for major international joint research project.