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National Engineering Research Center of Light Alloy Net Forming

Brief Introduction

With the authorization by the National Development and Planning Commission of China, National Engineering Research Centre of Light Alloy Net Forming (NERC-LAF) was established in March, 2000 in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. NERC-LAF is an important research base for the research on magnesium alloy, precision forming technology, prototyping and personnel training. Its research fields are material science, liquid forming, plastic forming and surface corrosion prevention mainly with respect to magnesium alloy. NERC-LAF have a fixed R&D team of 25 researchers, including six professors, eight associate professors, 14 staff members with a doctor's degree, 45 PhD and mater candidates, is employing 50 engineers and technicians, and also 250 skilled workers. Now the research group is named as an Innovative Research Team of Chinese Ministry of Education, an Innovative Research Team of Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and a Military Innovative Research Team on magnesium alloy. In the past five years, NERC-LAF has gotten more than 50 research projects from the central and local government, and more than 20 research projects from the domestic and foreign enterprises. The research funding amounts to 80 million RMB. NERC-LAF has published 295 papers, of which 154 are SCI-indexed, and applied 72 patents, of which 20 has been authorized. NERC-LAF has obtained three scientific and technological awards from the central government and 14 awards from local government.


National Engineering Research Centre of Light Alloy Net Forming


  • Director
  • Prof. Wenjiang Ding

  • Director of Academic Committee
  • Prof. Wenjiang Ding

  • Team Members
  • Prof. Ding Wenjiang, Prof. Chen Lu, Wang Qudong, Prof. Wu Guohua, Prof. Zeng Xiaoqing, Prof. Yuan Guangyin, Associate Prof. Jiang Haiyan, Associate Prof. Peng Liming, Associate Prof. Guo Xingwu, Associate Prof. Dong Jie, Associate Prof. Liu Manping, Researcher Zhou Jianxing, Dr.Wang Yingxin, Dr. Li Jin and Dr. Fu Penghuai .

    Research Fields

  • Advanced Mg alloys
  • Melt treatment of Mg alloys
  • Liquid and plastic precision forming of Mg alloys
  • Corrosion and protection of Mg Alloy of Mg alloys
  • Magnesium-based energy materials and biomaterials

  • Research Achievements

  • Advanced Mg alloys
  • The rare earth is added as alloying elements in magnesium alloys, thus their mechanical properties and corrosion resistance are greatly improved, developing a series of advanced magnesium rare earth alloys with independent intellectual property: room temperature ultimate tensile strength reaches to 500MPa, elongation 30%, 300℃ high temperature ultimate strength higher than 250MPa, corrosion resistance level 9 under neutral salt spray for 1500 hours. Their properties are close to or above the relevant mechanical properties of aluminum alloys, while their densities are only 2/3 of them.

  • Advanced Mg alloy components
  • Thanks to the advanced IPR Mg alloys, some new casting and plastic forming processes are explored. And many scale-up Mg key components, such as full-Mg V6 engine blocks (the first one worldwide), car wheels, helicopter transmission cases, missile cabin, tank valve cover, vehicle seat and instrumental panel frame, and shuttles for pin machine etc, were successfully developed. Some of them have been applied. These achievements greatly contribute to the worldwide low carbon economy and the modernization of China's national defense.


    Mg alloy engine block                 Mg alloy wheel


    National Engineering Research Center of Light Alloy Net Forming has developed and kept a good relationship with many famous research institutes and enterprises related to magnesium alloy. International collaborative partners include General Motors Corporation, Michigan University and North Carolina State University in the U.S., Oxford University in the UK, GKSS Research Center in Germany, Nagoya University, Tokyo University, Northeastern University, Nagaoka University of Technology and Mitsubishi Light Alloy in Japan, Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Norway, Lyon University in France, Korea Institute of Machinery and materials, etc. Domestic partners include Chongqing University, Tsinghua University, Northeastern University, Academy of Sciences Institute for Metals Research, Shanghai University, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, CHUANG'AN Automotive Corporation, ZhongTiaoShan Non-ferrous Group and Jiangsu Yuantong Group, etc.


    Visitors from GM motors


    Visit to Norwegian University of Science and Technology