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National Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology

Brief Introduction

In consideration of the products and technologies required by specific markets, the Center works on R&D, engineering application, technology integration and results propagation. Supported by ISTCBN1, NSTCN2 and BNBMTC3 that were established at the Center, ten institutes of joint research centers, joint laboratories and industrialization base were established by the Center and the shareholders and outstanding partners such as universities, scientific institutes, hospitals and corporations. These efforts have helped to form a new research pattern of "Production-Teaching-Research" that provides the healthy development of nanoindustry in our country with technical support.


  • Director: He Dannong
  • Director of Academic Committee: Sun Jingliang
  • Team Members: The core team members of the Center include of young personnel and over 50 academicians and professors from the shareholders and social network in the nanotechnology area.

  • Research Fields

  • environmental nanomaterial and nanotechnology
  • energy nanomaterial and nanotechnology
  • functional nanomaterial and nanotechnology
  • biomedicine nanotechnology
  • information nanomaterial and surface engineering nanotechnology

  • Major Research Achievements

  • Engineering application of nanotechnology:
  • Under the guide of the "National Science and Technology Supporting Plan" project -the Key Technical Research and Demonstrative Engineering for Tunnel Air Pollution Control, the Center has gained the advantage of multi-technologies integration in the area of environmental purification, and has obtained the ability to engineering propagation. This project and its related products won the Innovation Award of the 2009 China International Industry Fair, and was invited to the 11th China International High-tech Achievements Trade Fair organized by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality and Shanghai Expo Science & Technology Tour Exhibition co-organized by the Ministry of Science & Technology of China and Shanghai Municipal Government.

  • Promotion of traditional industry:
  • Under the guide of nanotechnology application in the traditional industry, combining the market requirements and engineering research, the Center has formed the research pattern of the preparation, composition and modification of nanomaterials. So far, the Center has applied 17 invention patents, of which two has been authorized, and one practical new-type patent that has been authorized.

  • Independent innovation of nanotechnology:

    The Center has obtained a series of core technologies in the area of environment purification, energy material, functional material, biomedicine, information material and surface engineering. The Center has altogether applied over 70 patents, and received the Winning Prize of Patents Application awarded by Minhang Intellectual Property Right Bureau in 2009. Over ten patents charged by our R&D team were successfully transferred in 2009.

  • Cooperation

  • International cooperation:
  • The Center has been laying emphasis on international exchanges and cooperation since its establishment, and was rewarded the title of International Science & Technology Cooperation Base by Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science & Technology of China in December 2007.

    The amount of international exchanges is increasing. Since 2006, the Center has carried through exchanges, project cooperation, framework cooperation and talents exchanges with universities, research institutes and corporations specialized in nanoindustry from Russia, USA, Australia, Japan, Denmark, Germany, France, etc.

  • Domestic cooperation:
  • Based on Public Service Platform, in March 2006, the Center established Working Group 1 on Nanotechnology of Shanghai, to take charge of nanostandards in Shanghai. Up to now, the group has organized and participated in the formulation & updating of over 20 National or Shanghai local-level nanostandards, which has made Shanghai walk in the front ranks of the nation in this area.

    Based on Public Service Platform, in November 2009, the Center established the Branch of Nano Biology and Medicine Technical Committee, whose purpose is to propel the clinical application of biomedical nanotechnology and to guide the integration of the recourses from universities, institutes and companies, to form the production-training-research-medicine cooperative mechanism. The Committee is made up of 22 committee members and 17 experts from all over the country.

    Based on the requirements of our nation and the market, integrating the social resources in the nanotechnology area, the Center co-applied national and local projects. Up to now, the number of the organizations co-charging cooperative projects or exchanging in multiple areas with the Center has surpassed 50.



    • ISTCBN: International Science and Technology Cooperation Base of Nanotechnology warranted by Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science & Technology of China, established at the Center
    • NSTCN: National Standardization Technical Committee for Nanotechnology (Shanghai Group) warranted by Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Standardization Technical Committee for Nanotechnology, established at the Center
    • BNBMTC: The Branch of Nano Biology and Medicine Technical Committee warranted by The Branch of Science and Technology, Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology, established at the Center