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MOE Engineering Research Center of Solar Power & Refrigeration

Brief Introduction

The Engineering Research Center of Solar Power & Refrigeration (SPR), approved by Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE), China,began its operation in May, 2001. SPR is devoted to developing new technologies on solar energy utilization, as well as low-grade thermal energy harvesting, more specifically, incubating new products and making them commercialization in corporation with well-known manufacturers. Its current activities involve solar thermal utilization, solar cooling, solar heat pump, and distributed energy systems (such as CCHP), etc, aiming at technology transfer, as well as fundamental research. The research group is very well known for its innovation activities in solar air conditioning systems, comprehensive use of solar energy in energy conservation of buildings, and so on. In the past several years, the group has not only published more than 200 papers at both international and key Chinese well-known journals, but also patented about 60 technologies in China. The research center is also eligible to undertake research and engineering projects, based on the research team led by Prof. R.Z.Wang. The foundation of SPR is a milestone for the research and utilization of solar energy in SJTU. SPR is now making great efforts with keen determination and a fresh outlook to build itself up to an Engineering Research Center at national level.


  • Director: Professor Wang Ruzhu
  • Dr. Wang Ruzhu is the director of Institute of Refrigeration and Cryogenics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University since 1993. He was elected as Cheung Kong Chaired Professor in 2000 by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of China. Currently He is the president of Shanghai Society of Refrigeration and vice chairman of Chinese Society of Heat Transfer. Prof. Wang was elected as one of the top one hundred outstanding professors in China Universities by MOE China in 2007. He was awarded as model teacher of China in 2009. He is also the executive editor of Energy-the international journal, associate editor of Solar Energy, and Chinese Journal of Solar Energy (Acta Solaries Sinica), Chinese Journal of Refrigeration.

  • Team Members
  • The research center boasts a good number of professors and research fellows, including five professors, eight associate professors, two lecturers, and 58 master degree students and PhD students. All of them work in the aforementioned research field. The main faculty members are listed below.

    Prof. Wang Ruzhu, head of the research centre

    Prof. Shen Wenzhong, deputy head and in charge of solar PV

    Prof.Wu Jingyi, distributed energy systems and technologies

    Prof. Dai Yanjun, solar energy conversion and utilization

    Prof. Zhang Peng, energy storage

    Associate Prof. Li Yong, air conditioning and refrigeration technology

    Associate Prof. Xia Zaizhong, solar air conditioning

    Associate Prof. Zhai Xiaoqiang, solar energy technologies

    Associate Prof. Wang Liwei, adsorption heat pump

    Dr. Lu Zisheng, design and commissioning

    Dr. Li Suling, adsorption ice maker

    Dr. Li Tingxian, refrigeration technology

    Dr. Ge Tianshu, Desiccant dehumidification and cooling

    Mr. Xu Yuxiong, Installation and commissioning

    Mr. Sun Yunkang, Installation and Fabrication

    Ms. Wen Li, office secretary.

    Research Fields

    The main research activities in the research centre involve in:

  • Solar energy conversion and utilization
  • Nowadays, the group is devoted to studying and developing solar energy utilization components, systems, and so on. The interests focus on:

      Building integrated solar energy components and technologies

      Solar adsorption/absorption cooling

      Solar energy driven liquid or solid desiccant cooling

      Solar induced or enhanced natural ventilation

      Solar assisted heat pump

      Solar space heating

      High performance solar collector with high concentration ratio

      PV driven refrigeration technologies-thermoelectric cooling and VC refrigeration

  • Distributed energy systems (such as combined cooling, heating and power generation system, etc)
  • The current researches focus on energy distribution system, VRV air conditioning system, air source heat pump water heater (ASHPWH), etc, they are:

      Movable combined cooling, heating and power system

      Research on Integrated Thermal Management Controller

      Simulation and optimum control of CCHP system

      Study of practical CCHP system application

      Study of energy consumption in VRV air conditioning system

      Air source heat pump water heater optimal operation

  • thermally driven cooling and refrigeration technologies
  • The research activities involve adsorption refrigeration, adsorbent materials and low grade thermal energy utilization, etc, aiming at fundamental researches as well as technology transfer.

      Components and systems development for advanced adsorption refrigeration

      Advanced working pairs used in adsorption refrigeration

      Enhanced heat and mass transfer in adsorption and desorption processes

      Waste heat driven adsorption ice maker

      Sorption heat pump

  • Solar PV technologies
  •   Solar Crystalline silicon cells

      Solar thin film cells

      Solar PV integrated system and technology

      Solar electricity energy storage and control

      Smart grid (solar, wind, gas turbine etc.)

    Research Achievements

    The research center has undertaken a lot of research projects assigned by the government, such as National Key Technology Project, National Science Foundation Project, National Key Fundamental Research project (Project "973"), as well as the projects from different local departments and relevant industries. In the past 5 years, the group has won a total of 6 awards at different levels, and completed a total of 30 projects at both national and provincial levels. The group also has intimate relations with some international companies, such as Daikin. Co., United Technology Co., and Panasonic Co. The research tasks involve in both solar energy technologies and the waste heat utilization for cooling and heating. To date, 3 technologies have been successfully transferred to the industry. Now, the group has good reputation in the field of solar energy utilization in China, and is one of the best research groups. Some relevant projects completed in the past five years are listed below.

  • National Key Technology Project: Study on building integrated solar energy technology with heating, cooling, and natural ventilation. 2007~2009
  • National Key Technology Project/Expo'2010 special program: Efficient clean energy system used in city and its demonstration. 2005~2007
  • Shanghai Key Technology Project/Expo'2010 special program:Building integrated solar energy technology and its application.2005~2007。
  • National high Technology Project:Solar air conditioning system using silica-gel water as working pairs. 2007~2009。
  • Key Science and Technology Project, Ministry of Education, China: Theoretical and key technology investigation on distributed energy systems. 2006~2008
  • Awards and Prizes

    ■  Sci. & Tech. Awards(I), Shanghai Government, China, 2008

    ■  Sci. & Tech. Awards(I), Ministry of Education, China, 2006

    ■  Sci. & Tech. Awards (I), Shanghai, 2006.

    ■  Sci. & Tech. Awards (II), Ministry of Education, China, 2003.  



  • Stuttgart University of Applied science and technology: solar cooling
  • Université de Savoie-Chambéry-Annecy: solar buildings
  • Huayang Solar Energy Co.: solar heat pump