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MOE Engineering Research Center of Digital Medicine

Brief Introduction

The Engineering Research Center of Digital Medicine (ERCDM) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is the first engineering research center of the Ministry of Education, which focuses on the innovative research and the development of Digital Medicine. Approved by the Ministry of Education for construction in 2006, ERCDM aims at the innovation and technology development with independent right of intellectual property, researching on the key and core technology in digital medicine, playing the role as the bridge between clinic research and industrial applications, and serving to promote the development of the high ranking medical technology industry in China.

There are three major R&D platforms in the ERCDM: the Platform of R&D of Digital Technology of Medical Implants, the Platform of Digital Clinical Technology, and the Platform of Digital Medical Equipment. The headquarters of the ERCDM, occupying a space of 1,500 square meters, is based at the Med-X Institute at SJTU Xuhui Campus. The headquarters, together with the ERCDM laboratories at SJTU Minhang Campus and the ERCDM clinical research groups in the affiliated hospitals of SJTU School of Medicine, constitutes an integrated platform. Based on this large platform, resources can be efficiently shared, while the research and education of digital medicine as well as the industrial production of digital medical products also can be integrated.

Digital Medicine
The Engineering Research Center of Digital Medicine


  • Director
  • Academician Dai Kerong

  • Director of Academic Committee
  • Academician Dai Kerong

  • Team Members
  • Academicians: Dai Kerong, Chen Yazhu

    Professors: Wang Chengtao, Lan Ning, Gu Lixu, Xie Le, Zhu Yisheng

    Associate Professor: Jingfeng Bai,

    Research Fields

  • The Platform of R&D of Digital Technology of Medical Implants
  • The Platform of Digital Clinical Technology
  • The Platform of Digital Medical Equipment

  • Research Achievements

  • Rapid production technology and application of individualized artificial joints
  • Digital MedicineDigital MedicineDigital Medicine

    Customization only for priority areas can significantly reduce production time and cost of artificial joints

  • Tissue specimens, database and information service platform of medical implants
  • Digital Medicine

    The overall implementation framework including classification, analysis and information services of patients' implant tissue samples

  • Commercialization of "Chinese Mechanical Virtual Human" software
  • Digital Medicine

    Biomechanics research platform for "Chinese Mechanical Virtual Human"

  • Navigation software and equipment for computer-assisted hard and soft tissues surgery
  • Digital Medicine

    Orthopedic surgical navigation equipment

    Digital Medicine

    Craniofacial surgical navigation equipment

    Digital Medicine

    Surgical navigation software and surgical site

  • New phase-controlled focused ultrasound tumor therapy systems and targeted drug thermo luminescence control technology
  • Digital Medicine

    The phase-controlled focused ultrasound treatment system guided by the real-time type-B ultrasonic image and preoperative CT, MRI 


  • cooperated with the Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital and Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality in "the optimization design and production of domestic high-performance conventional artificial hip and knee joints and individual artificial joints," a key scientific and technological project in biomedical research area
  • cooperated with University of Toronto,China International Science and Technology Cooperation in "Advanced prototyping and testing of an intelligent patient lifting and handling device," a Sino-Canadian cooperation project
  • cooperated with the Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital in the program for biology optimization of individual artificial joints, a National High-Tech Research and Development Program (National 863 Program)