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Digital Autobody Engineering

Brief Introduction

Digital Autobody EngineeringShanghai Key Laboratory of Digital Autobody Engineering is the key laboratory of Shanghai which was approved by the Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology in 2003, whose cooperative company is Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corporation. The lab is focused on vehicle body designing and development and application of manufacturing technology, centered on independent brand vehicle development of Shanghai automotive industry, and mainly develops the advanced technology of thin plate lean forming, manufacturing quality control, thin plate connection, vehicle body lightweight design, assembling process digital design and the vehicle body application of those technology. Over the recent years, our lab has become an important base of production, teaching and research cooperation for Shanghai Automotive Industry, and has built long-term cooperative relationship with Shanghai VW, Shanghai GM, PATAC, SAIC, Shanghai Huizhong, SGM Wuling, Shanghai GM Yantai base, Shanghai Huapu, etc. Researches and engineering cooperations have been done, and great achievements have been obtained.


  • Director
  • Lin林忠钦3 Zhongqin,is Deputy President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Professor of Mechanical Engineering. His research interests in recent years include sheet metal forming, manufacturing quality control and process simulation technologies

    Professor Lin has been in charge of more than 40 major projects sponsored by national "973" Program, "863" Program, the National Science Foundation of China as well as Industry projects.

    Professor Lin has received many honors and awards for his outstanding research achievements. These achievements include three National Science and Technology Progress Awards, Award for Ten Elite Scholars of Science and Technology in Shanghai, the First Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Advancement Awards and the First Prize of  Shanghai Science and Technology Invention Awards, the First Prize of Science and Technology Advancement Awards for China's Machine-building Industry, the First Prize of GM Foundation Science and Technology Achievement Award, Chiang Technology Achievement Award, Prize for Scientific and Technology Innovation of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, China National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar and Cheung Kong Scholar Achievement Award.

  • Director of Academic Committee
  • Digital Autobody EngineeringProfessor Guo konghui, member of Chinese Academic Engineering, specialized in Automobile Engineering.




  • Team Members



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    Li zhimin

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    Research Fields

  • Advanced technology of thin plate lean forming
  • Manufacturing quality control
  • Thin plate joint
  • Autobody light-weight design

  • Research Achievements

  • Advanced technology of thin plate lean forming
  • Based on the issues of high-strength steel for automobile that the forming performance is low, the forming window is narrow, the stamping quality is hard to control and the reject rate of normal steel stamping is high, the researches on the advanced technology of thin plate lean forming technology are carried out, including the forming performance evaluation of high strength steel plate, the technology of advanced forming and the robust design method for forming process. Thus, the key technologies for lowering the reject rate of stamping components for autobody are provided, the manufacturing quality of autobody components is improved, and the application level of thin plate for domestic automotive is promoted.

    Digital Autobody EngineeringDigital Autobody EngineeringDigital Autobody Engineering

    Tube hydroforming press      Robust forming design       Robert roller hemming 

  • Manufacturing quality control
  • Based on the characters of mass production for autobody and components, the key technologies for 3D inspection of manufacturing process, quality evaluation, fault diagnosis and welding control are studied. Combined with the development of information management system and quality control software, quality management and control system are formed based on "data driven" and applied in production in order to shorten the production cycle, lower manufacturing costs and improve product quality further.

    Digital Autobody Engineering

  • Thin plate joint
  • Investigate the advanced jointing technologies of welding, adhesive bonding and riveting for high-strength steel and aluminum, establish the platform of servo gun spot welding system, and develop servo gun spot welding process specifications. Establish self-piercing riveting test system for dissimilar materials and build CMT welding test platform

    Digital Autobody EngineeringDigital Autobody Engineering

  • Autobody light-weight design
  •      Study the design methods of digital autobody product and process, vehicle crash safety and NVH analysis, vehicle lightweight design, form the digital technology system to support the whole process of autobody design and development in order to improve the modern body design quality and shorten the development cycle. Investigate the theories and methods for knowledge-based body optimization and innovative design.

    Digital Autobody Engineering


    • GM-SJTU Collaborative Research Laboratory in Advanced Manufacturing Processes (CRL)
    • URP project (Ford Company)
    • A long-term cooperative relationship with Shanghai VW, Shanghai GM, PATAC, SAIC, Shanghai Huizhong, SGM Wuling, Shanghai GM Yantai base, Shanghai Huapu, etc.
    • The research field extents to aircraft- body manufacturing and train body manufacturing

    Digital Autobody Engineering