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Children’s Environmental Health

Brief Introduction

Shanghai Key Laboratory of Children’s Environmental Health was approved by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality in January, 2005. It is the first municipality key lab of Xinhua Hospital as well as the only key lab that focuses on children’s environmental health in China. It has established five scientific research platforms, including clinical epidemiology, learning & memory and brain function test, environmental chemical pollutants and elements analysis, molecular neuroscience and animal model establishment. Through refinement of research interests, academic goal and research emphasis, it has developed three research branches: effects of physical &chemical environment on children’s health, effects of social-economic environment on children’s health, and cumulative effects of heredity and environment on children’s health. And we have made brilliant achievements in children’s environment health science research.

By taking measurements such as introducing domestic and overseas experts to join in our research team, sending our researchers for further study in advanced lab, our lab has built up a strong research team in crossed multi-discipline with high-efficiency and rational professional structure. Till now, our lab has 20 researchers, including nine professors, seven associate professors, six tutors of Ph.D. and five tutors of Master.

After five years’ construction and development, we have made outstanding achievements with 35 on-going scientific research projects and total funds of about 18.5 million RMB and cultivating 27 postgraduates. More than 120 scientific articles were published in domestic and international cooperation academic journals, of which 32 papers have been indexed by SCI. And 12 academic books have been published.

Children's Environmental Health


  • Director
  •  Shen Xiaoming

  • Director of Academic Committee
  • Prof. Zeng Yitao

  • Team Members
  • Yan Chonghuai, Jin Xingming, Tian Ying, Zhang Jingsong, Jiang Fan, Sheng Xiaoyang, Li Fei, Huang Hong, Yu Xiaodan, Xu Jiang

    Research Fields

    • Social environmental factors and children’s health
    • Environmental physical and chemical pollutants and children’s health

    Research Achievements

    • The 1st Prize of Science and Technology in Shanghai in 2004 for "Intervening Congenital Hearing Impairment Infants in Shanghai and the Effect Study of Hearing Screening on 130,000 Newborns", awarded by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality 

      Children's Environmental Health

    • The 3rd  Prize of Science and Technology in Shanghai in 2005 for "Screening of Childhood lead poisoning", awarded by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality 

      Children's Environmental Health

    • The 1st National Pediatrics Award of Soong Ching Ling Foundation in 2006 for "the Impact of Lead on Children's Growth and Development and the Intervening Methods".

      Children's Environmental Health

    • The 2nd Prize of Science and Technology in 2006 for “Newborn Hearing Screening”, awarded by the State Council

      Children's Environmental Health


    • Cooperation with Columbia Center of Children’s Environmental Health, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Medical School of Public Health, Columbia University.
    • Entrusted by The Programme for Global Paediatric Research (PGPR), the key lab sponsored the “2007 Seminar of International Environment and Children Health.” Prof. Shen Xiaoming and Prof. Alvin Zipursky held the post of meeting presidents.
    • Cooperation with School of Pharmacy, the medical school of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.