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【SHINE】New Guidelines on Brain Injury Treatments Released

September 17, 2021      Author: Cai Wenjun

Local medical experts released new guidelines on brain injury treatments in an effort to improve clinical capabilities, reduce patients' mortality rate and disabilities and enhance their quality of life.

The Modern Craniocerebral Traumatology issued by Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Renji Hospital is important in the international medical field.

Traumatic brain injuries are a serious public health problem in China, leading to more than 100,000 deaths and many disabilities every year. The primary cause of such injuries includes traffic accidents, falls and violence.

"But the incidence rate, patient conditions and causes of injury have changed in the past 10 years in line with lifestyle changes and improvements in living standards," said Dr Jiang Jiyao, leader of the team that issued the guidelines. "Brain injuries caused by vehicle-related traffic accidents decreased after China enhanced inspections and punishments for drunk driving in 2011. While traffic accidents on motorbikes and mopeds have significantly increased in recent years, the types of and treatments for brain injuries have also changed."

"Brain injuries caused by falls have also increased along with the burgeoning elderly population," he added. "We are giving suggestions and instructions for appropriate treatments and nursing plans for various kinds of brain injuries to improve treatment effects and enhance patients' subsequent quality of life."

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