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Breakthrough Made in Quantum Paramagnetic Ground State Research

August 08, 2017      Author: Liu Wensheng

Recently, Liu Wensheng, Chair Professor of Wilczek Quantum Center of School of Physics and Astronomy and Li Zhengdao Institute SJTU, Post-doctoral Zou Haiyuan, and Professor Zhao Erhai of George Mason University conducted cooperative study of long-range interaction spin models based on dipole cold molecules and quantum gas. This work is published on Phys. Rev. Lett. Thesis title: Frustrated Magnetism of Dipolar Molecules on a Square Optical Lattice: Prediction of a Quantum Paramagnetic Ground State.


This study is granted by Shanghai Science and Technology Bureau(Grants No. 16DZ2260200), National Fund Committee, Department of Mathematical Sciences, overseas and Hong Kong and Macao scholars Cooperative Research Fund (continued funding) project(Grant No. 11429402), Chinese Academy of Sciences Strategic Pilot Special Science and Technology(Grant No. XDB21010100) and basic science foundation project in the United States, etc.



Translated by Wang Jiayu  Reviewed by Wang Bingyu