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Université PSL and SJTU Set Representation Offices in their Premises in Paris & Shanghai

September 09, 2020      Author: Li Yi,Mei Yueli

Recently, Université PSL (PSL) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) signed a Declaration of Intent for the establishment of a representative office for SJTU at PSL in Paris, France and the reciprocal establishment of a PSL office on the premises of SJTU in Shanghai, China.

SJTU's office in Paris will be located in one of PSL's engineering schools. The setting of an office at PSL will help SJTU to develop its existing collaborations with French universities, in particular with PSL, and create new partnerships with French and European universities, companies, governments and cultural organizations.

Through a representative office in Shanghai, PSL wishes to strengthen its existing collaborations and create new partnerships in terms of research collaborations and student exchanges with SJTU and other Chinese universities.

PSL and SJTU have established strong collaborations over years in both research and higher education which led to sign a bilateral cooperation agreement in 2016. Mines ParisTech-PSL is notably a founding member, since 2012, of the Shanghai-based SJTU-Paris Tech Elite Institute of Technology (SPEIT), a Sino-French engineering program for high potential international students. Other member schools of PSL are already involved in Master and PhD exchanges with SJTU: Chimie Paris-PSL delivers a joint master's degree with SJTU since 2016 and ENS-PSL signed an agreement with SJTU in 2018 for joint research internships. New avenues of collaborations will be further developed thanks to the setting of representation offices which will be instrumental instrengthening the links between the two universities.   

About Université PSL

Université PSL is a leading French university providing research and education programs in all disciplines including sciences, humanities, management and art. PSL is ranked in the top 50 among all universities worldwide according to global rankings. PSL includes nine Component Schools and two Associate Members and works closely with three national research entities. It draws on the scientific strengths of all its member institutions to foster unprecedented opportunities for its communities in education, research and innovation. PSL also collaborates with a dense network ofindustrial and academic partners both at the national and international level.