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The Harvard Krokodiloes Performs at SJTU

June 01, 2012      Author: Student Union, Huang Weilin

On the afternoon of May 31, the Multifunctional Hall of Guangbiao Building was fully packed where the Harvard Krokodiloes, an all-male group of 12 undergraduates, spread the Harvard Spirit, the happiness and love on Minhang Campus with their attractive music, beautiful singing and lighthearted dance.

It is said the Harvard Krokodiloes has a history of 66 years. The 12-member a cappella singing group now is an ethnic amalgamation, including a bass from Chemistry department, Benjamin Sun who is a "Beijinger" growing up in the USA. They perform popular and traditional music from the 1920s to 1960s in over 200 concerts every year.

During the whole performance, the twelve tuxedo-clad undergraduates sang fifteen pop songs including "House of Blue Lights", and "Let's Get Away from It All" in a lively, joyful and humorous way. To end the performance, they sang with deep feeling the famous Chinese musical piece "Jasmine"; the beautiful eastern melody brought the performance to a climax.

"This singing group is quite different from those we have met before. They are energetic, lively and lovely in performing." SJTU students said the Harvard Krokodiloes embody the unique humor of American. "This is the most appealing singing group."


Translated by Tian Cong