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The Academic Committee of State Energy Smart Grid R & D Center (Shanghai) Established

June 07, 2011      Author: Cao Jie

A New Stage Formulated by Joint Research Centers

On the morning of June 4, State Energy Smart Grid R & D Center (Shanghai) set up the academic committee and established joint research centers in Academic Activity Center of SJTU. Ma Dexiu, Chairperson of SJTU Council attended and addressed the conference. Present at the conference were SJTU Vice Presidents Zhang Wenjun and Wu Dan, China's leading experts in the field of smart grid including over 12 Academicians: Cheng Shijie, Ma Weimin, Li Liying, Yu Yixin, Xue Yusheng, etc. and other professors and experts. Xiu Binglin, Director of Energy Conservation and Technology Dept. of National Energy Bureau presided over the conference.

Chairperson Ma Dexiu of SJTU Council extended congratulations on the SSGC's establishment of the academic committee and joint research centers. She said, SJTU would make full use of its comprehensive disciplinary advantages, internationalized characteristics and excellent traditions in university running, to set up institutional mechanisms through industry-university-research institute cooperation, strive to build up a platform for smart grid scientific research and technical innovation during the "Twelfth Five-Year" period. The platform, which is to be internationally renowned and reach the international advanced level in several research directions, is expected to make significant contributions to the construction of the state smart grid.

Vice President Zhang Wenjun announced the list of the academic committee. The newly established academic committee of SSGC (Shanghai) consists of renowned scholars on smart grid in China. The establishment of the SSGC academic committee marks a new development stage of the Center's mission: Develop smart grid by an agglomeration of experts in China.

Vice President Wu Dan delivered a speech and read out the name list of joint research centers. Wu Dan said the settlement of SSGC (Shanghai) at SJTU represented hope and encouragement from National Energy Bureau. SJTU will actively support the construction of the center, constantly improve its organizational infrastructure, and vigorously introduce excellent overseas talents, to make a due contribution to the electric power development in China.

At the conference, strategic agreements were signed and R&D centers planned to be established between SSGC (Shanghai) and 16 leading enterprises in power industry including State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company and Suntech Power Co., Ltd in Wuxi.

Professor Cai Xu, deputy chief of SSGC Shanghai, briefed on the construction of the center. During the conference, a series of reports on the hot issues concerning smart grid were made by academicians Li Liying, Shi Chengjie and Yu Yixin, as well as Director Wang Yimin of Smart Grid Dept. in State Grid, for SJTU faculty and students. Members from the academic committee and joint research centers also visited R&D center laboratories, and conducted a series of discussions.


Translated by Wu Xiujuan | Reviewed by Tian Cong