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SJTUMUNC 2021 Successfully Held

April 30, 2021      Author:

From April 16 to April 18, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Model United Nations Conference (SJTUMUNC) 2021 was held at the Xin Jian Building in the Xuhui Campus. The conference lasted for three days and was attended by nearly two hundred students from more than thirty universities at home and abroad.

The Congress commenced in the afternoon of April 16.


The conference began with a video message from Vivian Tan, UNHCR's Acting Representative in China, in which she said that as part of the UNHCR's Model UN Refugee Challenge, the conference serves as a good opportunity to encourage young students to engage in discussions on finding solutions to the refugee crisis.

Zhang Dan, Vice President and Director-General of the United Nations Association of China, sent a video message wishing the conference success.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres also addressed a congratulatory message and video to the conference, inspiring young students to forge a future of global governance together.


Under the theme of " Unity in Adversity, Amity for Prosperity", the conference featured five English-language committees and one Chinese-language committee, focusing on addressing global issues in a new era of great changes and challenges.


The first session of the conference got underway on the evening of April 16 with heated discussions on six key international issues: Telecommunication Collaborations under Emergencies, Combating Food Loss and Waste Worldwide, Legal Status of Takeshima (Dokdo) (Japan v. Republic of Korea), The Impact of COVID-19 on Refugees, Green Recovery for a Carbon-Neutral Future in the Post- Pandemic Era, and Regulation and Development in the Field of Electronic Commerce in the Asia-Pacific Region under the Multilateral Trade Framework.



The draft resolution from the UNHCR Committee will be submitted to the UNHCR for inclusion in the Model UN Refugee Challenge and is likely to be incorporated into actual international refugee assistance practice.

Author: Zhou Hui

Source: School of International and Public Affairs

Translated by Chen Chen


Proofread by Fu Yuhe