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SJTU-Wuxi Research Institute Unveiled

June 28, 2011      Author: Cao Jie

On the afternoon of June 27, the unveiling ceremony of SJTU-Wuxi Research Institute was grandly held in Taihu International Science & Technology Park, New District Wuxi. SJTU President Zhang Jie and Secretary of CPC Wuxi Committee Mao Xiaoping jointly unveiled the Institute, lifting the curtain on university-government cooperation.

In his speech, President Zhang Jie said the founding of SJTU-Wuxi Research Institute was an important practical measure taken by SJTU for its "go-out" strategy, and also a significant manifestation of its service to local economic and social development. The joint establishment of the Institute further improves the "government-industry-institute-research-application" strategic cooperation of SJTU and Wuxi. It is sure to provide strong scientific and intellectual supports to Wuxi's development, create the strategic development of service area and promote the new model for technology transfer. Zhang Jie hoped that, Wuxi Research Institute could constantly explore and enrich the new cooperation model, accumulate more experience in practice and services, conduct all-round strategic cooperation by relying on Wuxi-based advantages in the Internet of things, and become a leader and demonstration with "SJTU characteristics, experience and achievements" in the Yangtze River Delta and even nationwide.

Secretary of CPC Wuxi Committee Mao Xiaoping expressed that Shanghai Jiao Tong University established the Wuxi Research Institute with its all strengths, which added a cooperation platform for high-end innovation resources. Wuxi will make good use of it as a high-end talent tie and an entrepreneurship engine to energize the innovative industry. Xu Gang, Secretary of Party Working Committee in New District, Wuxi, indicated to work further closely with SJTU, fully support the Institute as always, participate in the Institute's planning and development actively to build the Institute into a new platform for government-industry-institute-research cooperation and the model for industrial application of scientific and technological achievements.

Vice President Zhang Wenjun said in his speech that Wuxi has good foundation in education research and industrial application. The Internet of things has become strategic high ground for the economic growth and scientific innovation in post-crisis era and one of China's five emerging strategic industries. Especially in recent years, the application range of the Internet of things increasingly expanding, it is necessary for us to grasp the opportunity and study in advance to seize the high ground of the Internet of things, so that we can have a say in future standard setting and lead China's Internet of things into a sustainable and healthy development path. The establishment of "Shanghai Jiao Tong University Wuxi Research Institute" marks a solid step taken by Wuxi towards the sound development road of the Internet of things industry chain.

Meanwhile, six research centers were also unveiled, namely Intelligent Communications and Network Engineering Research Center, Intelligent Medical Research Center, Perceived Environmental Science Research Center, Intelligent Internet of Things Building Technology Research Center, Mobile Intelligent Terminals Application Research Center, and Joint Lab Center for Cell and Molecular Biology.

The newly established Wuxi Research Institute will take R&D, research cooperation, technology transfer, technology service, technical training and incubation as its development objectives. It is expected to build 25-30 research centers or labs in the next three years.


Translated by Tian Cong