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SJTU Student Choir Concert 2012 Held

April 17, 2012      Author: Liu Zhiyuan, School of Humanities

SJTU Student Choir Concert 2012 was held as one of the 2012 SJTU International Collegiate Culture and Arts Festival serial activities at He Luting Concert Hall of Shanghai Conservatory of Music in the evening of April 15. Over 600 famous experts in the music circle and SJTU faculty and students attended the concert. The performance was a great success.

The concert was divided into two halves. The first half presented foreign classical chorus repertoire, including two Renaissance eclogues: Italian Madrigal La Felice and English madrigal Mori Quasi il Mio Core, and two Baroque oratorios written by German composer Handel: For Sion Lamentation Make and All we like sheep, etc. Some of the songs sounded grand and momentous while others romantic and lyrical. All led the audience through the hundred-year history of music.

The second half presented Chinese classical chorus repertoire, including two songs adapted from Chinese classical poems: Showing Stillness with the Virtue of Heaven and Back to the Green World, and three Gansu folk songs: Night Dreaming, Camel Carrying Poplars and Willows, and Road to Heaven. All reflected the lingering charm of China.

Zhang Qin, conductor of SJTU Student Choir, said, "The way in which the performance is arranged is to offer our audience the chance to taste western classical music and meanwhile enjoy Chinese traditional music. Music is without borders. Only when Chinese and western cultures are well interacted, will people get to know each other properly. "

After the successful performance, China's well-renowned conductor 99-year-old Prof Ma Geshun went on the stage by the support of his family to affectionately shake hands with all the performers. He highly praised the excellent level of the student choir and acclaimed their voice as "angelic voice" and the students as "the hope of the future".


Translated by Li Jing | Reviewed by Tian Cong