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SJTU-Fudan University “Confrontation” Cultural & Sports Competition Held

May 21, 2012      Author: Zhang Wenqing, Cao Jie, Lu Siyu, Nanyang News Agency

On May 20, 2012, the "Confrontation" Cultural & Sports Competition between Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Fudan University was successfully held in Oriental Land. SJTU Chairperson Ma Dexiu and President Zhang Jie sent text messages to encourage all the student participants to be united and display the charisma of SJTU-ers. Vice Presidents Xu Fei and Lin Zhongqin watched the whole competition.

On the morning, 300 students participated in the mini-marathon (5km for male students and 2.5km for female). Despite the damp weather, runners chased each other like a tight-wound spring in such a race against time. In the female marathon, Kuang Lili won the championship and the other five SJTU runners ranked among the Top 8. In the male marathon, five SJTU students ranked among Top 8. Most movingly, Tang Xiaoqing from SJTU School of Medicine helped a student from Fudan University who fell and got hurt walk to the finishing line, which vivified the spirit of "Friendship First, Competition Second".

In the eye-catching Dragon Boat Race, 126 students from the two universities participated in three sections of this game: female race, male race and mixed race. The long water lane and the thundering drums contributed to the spectacular scene and competitive race. Finally, the SJTU team won in the female race and mixed race.

On the afternoon, the debate teams from two universities had a heated debate around the themes including "whether sports technology violates the sports spirit of fair competition" and "whether college student should start their own businesses". Their talent in diction, logical thinking and debating won the audience's applause and praise. In the undergraduate debate, Xue Yue from SJTU was selected the Best Debater and SJTU won the postgraduate debate.

In the bike rally, 200 contestants rode the unified bikes to cover 15 kilometers for male and 10 kilometers for female. In the female bike rally, SJTU students took the first four places with Song Tianying winning the championship. In the male rally, Xu Zongwei won the championship and the other four SJTU riders ranked among Top 8.

30 male students from two universities participated in the iron-man triathlon (bike rally, mini-marathon and laser simulation shooting). SJTU student Gao Pengyuan scored the full-mark 300 points. Liu Fuxing, Gao Pengyuan, Cai Ren, Yang Chenxi, Liu Wei, Cao Weijian, Zhou Ming and Shen Yan won the "Iron-Man" Award.

In the evening, a series of art performances were put on the stage of Oriental Land including Danzon by the SJTU orchestra, Slava by SJTU symphony band, the chorus I got rhythm, and the dancing performance Hope, etc., all of which were well received. SJTU won two excellence awards in this part of competition.

In the awarding ceremony, Wang Dengfeng, Director-General of Physical, Hygiene and Arts Education Department of Ministry of Education, SJTU Vice Presidents Xu Fei and Lin Zhongqin presented awards to the honored students. The "Confrontation" Cultural & Sports Competition ringed down the curtain successfully.

Translated by Hou Yulu | Reviewed by Tian Cong