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SJTU Celebrates 116th Anniversary

April 09, 2012      Author: Cao Jie

Spanning three centuries (1896-2012), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) celebrated its 116th anniversary of founding in the New Gymnasium on Minhang Campus yesterday. President Cyrille van EFFENTERRE of ParisTech, Mr. Shin-ichi Hirano, former President of National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation (NIAD-UE) of Japan, former President of Nagoya University and SJTU Zhiyuan Professor, Deputy Governor Yang Demei of Minhang District, and other government officials, famous scholars and business leaders attended the convention.

In remembrance of the three students who died in the speedboat accident off campus on April 4, the audience stood in silent tribute before the start of the celebration convention.

Chairperson Ma Dexiu of SJTU Council addressed the convention and expressed welcome to the returning alumni and congratulations to the award recipients. She emphasized that SJTU has taken the lead in opening up new campuses, putting forward the strategic objective of building a world-class university, starting the international education, and promoting the reform of university management system. It has carried out pilot reforms to train quality talents, conducted win-win cooperation to complete the comprehensive course layout, won national awards as reflection of its scientific and technological innovation, and built the Qian Xuesen Library as a move to enhance its cultural soft power.

SJTU President Zhang Jie pointed out in his speech titled "Gateway to the First-class" that a world-class university is built not simply on a series of numbers but on a world-wide consensus, the recognition of its long-term outstanding contributions in the academic, political, economic and other fields. He informed the recent concrete initiatives and achievements SJTU has made in systems of talent growth, innovation development and culture leading. President Zhang also said with deep grief that the death of three Joint Institute students is the pain of SJTU since each and every student is invaluable to the university. He also mentioned the transformations to be actualized by SJTU in three perspectives, namely development philosophy, management model and incentive mechanism.

At the convention, CAS member Cheng Ping, CAE members Wen Xueyou and Yang Shengli received "SJTU Distinguished Alumni Extraordinary Achievement Award". Honorary Chairman of SJTU Alumni Association in Sichuan and SJTU '61 graduate Shi Shijie and President of Hong Kong JeFeng Group, SJTU '70 graduate Yiu Ching are recipients of "SJTU Distinguished Alumni Siyuan Contribution Award".

The presenting ceremony of Shanghai Jiao Tong University President's Award 2012 was also held. The winners are Prof. Chen Guanlong from School of Mechanical Engineering, Li Xinwan from School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering, Zhao Yi from School of Media and Design, PhD Li Jinjin from Department of Physics, undergraduate Wang Yuzhou of 2009 class from UM-SJTU Joint Institute (JI), Dong Zhongde from School of Medicine Logistics Group, Liu Yingbin from Xinhua Hospital affiliated to School of Medicine, the SJTU newsroom, the Challenge Cup SJTU team, and the construction headquarters of Qian Xuesen Library.


Translated by Tian Cong