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SJTU Alumni Association UK Launched at University of Cambridge

November 29, 2011      Author: Development Office

On November 27, SJTU Alumni Association UK (SJTU-AA-UK) was launched at the University of Cambridge after six months of preparation. About 150 alumni from London, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol, Birmingham, Southampton, Newcastle and other places in the UK gathered at the launching ceremony.

SJTU President Zhang Jie unveiled the launch of SJTU-AA-UK during his visit in Europe. Prof. David Wallace, Master of Churchill College, read the congratulatory letter from the Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. Prof. Markus Kraft, and Michael O' Sullivan, Director of the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, spoke at the ceremony. Representatives from the alumni associations of some other universities in China attended the ceremony. SJTU alumni associations in France and Netherlands sent a letter of congratulations.

The SJTU alumni representatives unanimously adopted the preparatory work report and the organizational draft of SJTU-AA-UK. Yang Guangzhong, professor of Imperial College London and fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, was elected first Chairman of SJTU-AA-UK. Prof. Gu Dawei from the University of Leicester, Assoc. Prof. Yuan Boping from the University of Cambridge, Prof. Zhong Qingchang from Loughborough University, Prof. Dai Jiansheng from the University of London, Prof. Yang Jianbo and Prof. Xu Dongling from the University of Manchester, Assoc. Prof. Li Kang from Queen's University Belfast and Assoc. Prof. Chen Yunfei from the University of Warwick were elected Vice Chairman.


Translated by Chen Yanzi | Reviewed by Tian Cong