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SJTU-Agilent Joint Innovation Lab Unveiled

November 14, 2011      Author: SEIEE

On the morning of November 10, 2011, the opening ceremony of SJTU-Agilent Joint Innovation Lab, which is co-established by Agilent Technologies and SJTU, was held in School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering (SEIEE) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

SJTU Vice President Huang Zhen, on behalf of SJTU, expressed best wishes to the establishment of SJTU-Agilent Joint Innovation Lab. Jay Alexander, vice-president of Agilent Technologies, stated Agilent Technologies' philosophy on technological invention and innovation emphasis.  

In the ceremony, Mao Junfa, Executive Dean of SEIEE, and Yan Zhongyi, vice-president of Agilent Technologies, respectively introduced the situation of SEIEE and Agilent Technologies. They looked forward to future cooperative fields as well as the prospects, and discussed in depth related matters. Huang Zhen and Yan Zhongyi unveiled the lab together, and then visited it.

The new Joint Innovation Lab is equipped with 70 latest multifunctional digital oscilloscopes of teaching provided by Agilent Technologies, and more than 200 class experimental plates self-designed by SJTU, and can support fundamental and specialized innovative teaching of electronic courses.


Translated by Zhen Yinghui | Reviewed by Tian Cong