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SJTU 2011 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

June 25, 2011      Author: Cao Jie

On the afternoon of June 25, "Shanghai Jiao Tong University Graduation and Commencement Ceremony for Undergraduates 2011" was grandly held at New Gymnasium on Minhang Campus. Present at the ceremony were Chairperson of SJTU Council Ma Dexiu, President Zhang Jie, Vice Presidents Su Ming, Sun Dalin, Xu Fei, Lin Zhongqin, Wu Dan and Li Jianqiang, President of NIAD-UE, SJTU Chair Professor and special advisor to president Shin-ichi HIRANO, 2008 Nobel Laureates in Physics Makoto Kobayashi and Toshihide Maskawa, supervisor representatives, 2011 graduates and their parents as well. Vice President Xu Fei presided over the ceremony.

President Zhang Jie, on behalf of all faculties, expressed congratulations and sent earnest blessings (full speech) to 2011 graduates who are ready to march off the campus life to a new journey. F07 graduates bear a special meaning to President Zhang since they are the first class enrolled when Zhang Jie took over the presidency of SJTU. He shared wonderful memories and unforgettable stories in his speech, which touched the graduates' hearts and won thunderous cheers and applause. President Zhang also sent them three life aphorisms as guide: stick to dream and never be arrogant or lose heart; Fear no challenges and take responsibilities; be ambitious and start small.

SJTU 1991 alumnus Dong Zengping, Chairman of Shanghai Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd., shared his growth experience at SJTU with the graduates and encouraged them to cherish every moment, transcend themselves and serve the society. Graduate representative Chen Lei from School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering expressed that on a new starting point, he would bear SJTU's teachings and exhortations in mind and shoulder the mission and duty entrusted by SJTU with gratitude and responsibility in heart.

The graduation ceremony also witnessed the honorary doctorate awarding ceremony for Makoto Kobayashi and Toshihide Maskawa, 2008 Nobel Laureates in Physics. President Zhang Jie, as Chairman of academic degree evaluation committee, conferred the honorary doctorate certificate to them. Chairperson Ma Dexiu presented souvenirs to Makoto Kobayashi and Toshihide Maskawa who expressed their appreciation separately.

Representatives of the graduates presented a special gift to SJTU: a stone inscription, which says: "From here, we devote ourselves to our motherland. Wish SJTU will build into a world-class university soon!" Chairperson Ma Dexiu and President Zhang Jie accepted the gift together. All the graduates made their solemn oath: keep in mind SJTU motto "Gratitude and Responsibility", seek truth with morality, stay industrious, practical, ambitious and confident, commit to the transmission of civilization and the seeking of truth, and lifelong fight for rejuvenating China and benefit mankind.

Unforgettable hours, a reluctant-to-separate affection, a rare gathering, the 2011 Undergraduate Graduation & Commencement Ceremony concluded with all the participants singing Ode to the Motherland.

Translated by Tian Cong, Wu Xiujuan | Reviewed by Tian Cong