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SJTU 1st Track and Field Meet Unleashes Students’ Vitality

April 21, 2021      Author:

On April 17th, Shanghai Jiao Tong University held the first student track and field meet. Various activities were included in this event, including fitness challenge, training and preliminary contests for 25 athletic events, and fun sports carnival, which unleashed the youthful vitality of SJTU students.

A special fitness challenge was added to the meet, which received positive responses from the students and attracted more than 200 undergraduate and postgraduate classes to sign up for it. The challenge includes popular exercises like plank and rope skipping, with 100 people from 10 classes competing at the same time. This activity was a successful combination of competition spirit and entertaining elements, which not only stimulated students' enthusiasm for sports, but also promotes the internal bond within each class as a collective.

At the same time, the fun sports carnival was held at the basketball court of Hu Fa-kuang Stadium. Students' physical qualities were tested through various interesting sports games, which were integrated with Chinese traditional culture and intended to cultivate healthy sports spirit.

SJTU has a fine tradition of advocating sports. This is the first track and field meet for students resumed by SJTU. More than 3,000 students from 30 departments signed up for 25 athletic events and 3 team competitions of fitness challenge. This meet aims at bringing back the athletic tradition, promoting sports habits on campus and strengthening teachers' and students' recognition with the campus culture featured by "love SJTU, love sports".


Translated by: Zhou Rong

Proofread by: Xiao Yangning, Fu Yuhe