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【SHINE】Renji launches Internet hospital services

March 05, 2020      Author: Cai Wenjun

Renji Hospital announced the launch of its Internet hospital on Thursday. Five departments, including gynecology, kidney disease and liver surgery, are among the first batch to offer such online services, which will be promoted to more departments in the future, the hospital said.

Renji is among the first six hospitals to receive an Internet service license, which allows patients to access online consultations, prescriptions, payment and drug delivery.

The city government is boosting the development of Internet-based medical services amid the coronavirus epidemic, which allow patients to receive convenient online services without going to a hospital in person.

Currently, patients who have visited Renji Hospital for medical service within the past three months can receive real-name verification through the hospital's public WeChat account and choose the department and doctor they want. Doctors can provide online consultations and prescriptions, which will receive a pharmacist's review.