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【SHINE】International Recognition for Local Experts

June 17, 2021      Author: Cai Wenjun

Local medical experts were invited by The Lancet Neurology, a world-leading journal to comment on important clinical developments, a reflection of their high international recognition, Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University said on Thursday.

Dr Jiang Jiyao's team from the hospital's neurosurgery department submitted an article titled "Real-world appraisal of intracranial pressure monitoring" to comment on a report on the world's largest intracranial pressure monitoring research covering 2,395 patients from 146 medical facilities in 42 countries.

Brain injury is a serious public health problem. In China, there are hundreds of thousands of new brain injury cases each year, imposing severe pressure on both society and families.

After acute brain injury, the increase in intracranial pressure due to various causes is the major reason for poor treatment effects. Management of elevated intracranial pressure is an essential component of modern neurocritical care for brain injury recovery, said Jiang, director of Renji's neurosurgery department.

"Direct and continuous monitoring of intracranial pressure has generally been considered the most reliable measure to evaluate patients with severe brain injury," he said. "About 62 percent of patients with severe brain injury in Western countries have received intracranial pressure monitoring, which is still low in China. We need to further regulate clinical theory, method and surgical skills and promote intracranial pressure monitoring to enhance treatment effects."


Source: SHINE