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【SHINE】First textbook on geriatric medicine released in Shanghai

November 23, 2021      Author: Cai Wenjun

To enhance medical capability regarding senior patient treatment, Shanghai's first medical postgraduate textbook on gerontology was released at Renji Hospital on Tuesday.

A total of 58 medical experts contributed to the making of the book, which follows the latest research and development on geriatric medicine, focusing on clinical diagnosis and treatment, especially on special diseases during advanced age.

The book consists of 25 sections include new concepts, knowledge, skill and development on gerontology in the world, policies and solutions to various diseases, chronic disease management, proper drug use, nutrition, rehabilitation and psychological care, and special demands for the elderly's nursing and healthy aging, hospital officials said.

The textbook can not only be used to teach medical students but also provide guidance for residents and grassroots doctors, experts said.

People over 60 years old make up 18.7 percent of China's population. Those over 65 comprise 13.5 percent.

According to the United Nations, the region is classified as an aging society if 10 percent or more of the population is 60 years old and 7 percent of the population is 65 years old. The large elderly population imposes new problems and challenges to medical industry and medical staff.


Source: SHINE