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【SHINE】First Organ Transplant Training Course Launched in City

April 28, 2021      Author: Cai Wenjun

Doctors conducting organ transplants must receive training and certification for clinical practice after a unified training and recognition system has been established, health officials said.

The first training course was launched at Renji Hospital on Tuesday. Renji is one of the first batch of 33 national training centers that regulate doctors' clinical operations, improve their medical capabilities, ensure medical safety and boost the development of organ transplants in China.

Currently, there are about 170 medical facilities in the nation qualified to carry out organ transplant surgeries. Around 300,000 people in China seek organ transplants every year, but only about 20,000 such surgeries are performed annually due to reasons like a lack of donors and the economic burden.

Dr Xia Qiang from Renji Hospital said doctors' capabilities and qualifications are extremely important for the healthy growth of organ transplants, and many doctors across the nation are applying to the training program.

"We will ensure training quality to help cultivate more qualified professionals for organ transplants to benefit patients and push medical development," said Xia, whose department has conducted the most children's liver transplants in the world in recent years.

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