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【SHINE】Doctors remove tumor from high-risk patient

January 15, 2021      Author: Cai Wenjun

Doctors from Renji Hospital removed a rare endocrine tumor from a man in his 70s whose blood pressure was extremely high due to the tumor.

The patient had a history of diabetes and hypertension and his blood sugar levels and blood pressure were causes for concern.

Doctors at the hospital found a lump in his abdominal cavity after he was hospitalized for a stroke.

Doctors suspected an endocrine tumor but surgery was risky because of its position and size.

The surgery and endocrinology departments worked together on a plan to remove the tumor while ensuring the patient’s safety.

Dr Ma Jing led the endocrinology team to get the patient’s blood sugar and blood pressure under control with medication. Then Dr Liu Yingbin’s team removed the rare tumor.

The hospital said the patient was recovering well.