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【SHINE】Doctors remove large quantity of fluid from fetus during delivery

May 26, 2020      Author: Cai Wenjun

Local doctors have successfully extracted 600 milliliters of fluid from a fetus during its delivery.

The baby was delivered on May 22 and has been transferred to an intensive care unit for further diagnosis and treatment, doctors said on Tuesday

The 28-year-old mother was detected with a large quantity of fluid in her fetus during a 22-week prenatal check in March. She went to Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine for treatment.

Dr Zhang Yu conducted the check and ruled out common causes like genetic disease, infection and immune anemia. The woman and her family decided to keep the baby and cooperate with doctors.

The fluid build-up posed a serious threat to the fetus' heart and lung development. The woman also suffered painful belly swelling which prevented her from sleeping normally.

Doctors decided to extract the fluid from the fetus and then conducted a Caesarean operation to deliver the baby.

During the procedure on May 22, doctors removed 600 milliliters of fluid from the fetus using ultrasonic technology. After removing the fluid, the fetus' heart beat became normal.

Doctors then conducted their operation to deliver the baby girl, who was transferred to the Shanghai Children's Medical Center. Both the mother and daughter are stable.