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【Shanghai Daily】Students Show Off Products They Developed

August 08, 2013      Author:

A DESIGN expo yesterday allowed students to show off products they have been developing, ranging from a luggage-assist hand cart to a more efficient solar dryer.

The expo was held to mark the sixth anniversary of a research collaboration between Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the University of Michigan. The students presented their end-of-year projects.

A number of major corporations have sponsored engineering projects of the local joint institute.

Corporations including GE, Intel, Simens, Covidien and Dover sponsored 12 of the 84 total projects. The 12 include one sponsored by Intel that hopes to increase the speed of face detection and an HP-sponsored device that can automate the connection between a USB and Ethernet cable for HP LaserJet.

If the companies like what they see, they may develop them further and then use the designs in their production lines. The HP LaserJet project is one that already has been adopted.



Source: Shanghai Daily