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【Shanghai Daily】Shanghai scientists are closer to finding elusive particle

March 29, 2012      Author: Liang Yiwen

SHANGHAI scientists have developed a membranous material to capture Majorana fermions, elusive particles that act as their own antiparticles, and the material could be used as a building block to make a topological quantum computer.

A quantum computer can solve numerical problems that are impossible to solve on a conventional computer based on integrated circuits. A super-fast quantum computer allows people to forecast weather more precisely, detect an incoming missile faster, and raise the efficiency of oil prospecting.

Scientists around the world have been working to find Majorana fermions for more than 80 years.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University researchers said they may achieve a breakthrough in finding Majorana fermions within this year with the invention of the membrane which is one hundred thousandth the width of a human hair.

Their research paper was published online by the Science magazine early this month.


Source: Shanghai Daily