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【Shanghai Daily】College Students Prefer IPhones Over Other Handsets

June 18, 2014      Author:

IPhone ranked as the favorite smartphone among Chinese college students, followed by Samsung and Xiaomi handsets, a nationwide survey found.

The survey said college students chose iPhone and Samsung smartphones due to their brand and high quality, while they liked Xiaomi because it's inexpensive.

Computers produced by Apple Inc were also the most liked by Chinese college students, the survey found. The tech giant's unique operation system, good designs and quality performance were the main reasons cited for Apple's popularity.

The survey, conducted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, was based on questionnaires completed by more than 12,000 students at 123 colleges and universities in 33 cities across China between May and June 2013.

The survey was created to look into the consumer behavior of college students, who will become potential valuable customers in the future.

About 77 percent of the respondents spent 500 yuan (US$80.25) to 1,500 yuan every month. Female students said they preferred to buy daily necessities and clothes, while male students spent more on dining and electronic products, the survey found.


Source: Shanghai Daily