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Preliminary of “My Global SJTU Talk Show” Held

July 05, 2021      Author:

On June 24th, 2021, under the joint efforts of SJTU International Affairs Division, Faculty and Staff Union, and Office of Faculty Affairs, the Preliminary of My Global SJTU Talk Show was held in the meeting hall of Wenbo Building.

Yu Zhaoyang, president of Faculty and Staff Union, gave an introduction on the talk show.

36 participants composed of teachers and administrative staff, based on their own work and life experience, gave presentations on SJTU’s development in the global context, its status quo as well as its bright future of emerging into “Global SJTU”.

Zhang Zhendong from China-UK Low Carbon College said with great passion that talents were of the utmost value in the 21st century. He also shared his ideas about how to accelerate the process of SJTU ascending into an international university.

Drapeau Samuel from the School of Mathematical Sciences compared internationalization to a bridge which brought him to SJTU and allows him to send his students to the rest of the world. He wishes he could help with building more bridges like this to facilitate bilateral exchange.

Hamza Boukili from SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology shared his story in China in fluent Chinese. He said that SJTU offered him an inclusive platform open for infinite possibilities.

Prof. Suo Yuhuan from the School of Foreign Languages recited “My SJTU Dream”, in which he also expressed his belief that the dream that been passed down from generations of SJTUer will be turned into a reality in the middle of the 21th century. SJTU belongs to China and also to the world.

Tang Hao from the School of Physics and Astronomy told the story of her own experience from being an overseas student to becoming a professor at SJTU, and from being a beneficiary of internationalization to being a promoter who spreads the voice of China. 

Tao Lina from the International Affairs Division shared her experience of international exchange during her studies at SJTU and her impressions of being in charge of international cooperation projects, truly expressing her views on the global development of the university.

Huang Zetian of the Faculty and Staff Union cited the achievements of SJTU's internationalization and shared two short stories on the importance of internationalization and reflections on related work, based on his own work experience and his passion for Go.

Chen Siyi from the School of Design spoke in lively language about the true stories and her own reflections on the globalization of the school since she started her career, and shared her experience of participating in the establishment of a first-class school of design with distinctive characteristics of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and her efforts to build a school with new heights of globalization.

John Van Fleet from Antai College of Economics and Management, in light of his working experience in the College, shared his understanding of SJTU’s globalization and expressed his conviction in the future of the College becoming more and more global.

He Fangyu from the Publicity Department elaborated on the how we can be better at conveying the voice of SJTU, telling the story of SJTU, and let our voice be heard by the world.

By sharing their own perspectives of looking at SJTU, the participants made this talk show a reflection of a different self in part time, and the audience were glad to listen to SJTU stories and SJTU dream from a whole new perspective.



Author: Jia Ziyi

Photographer:  Li Yunlei

Source: SJTU International Affairs Division

Translated by Zhang Wenying, Chen Chen

Proofread by Xiao Yangning, Fu Yuhe