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Original Shanghai Opera “Lady Jin Xiu” Performed in Jingjing Auditorium

May 09, 2012      Author: Meng Qian, Zhao Jiawei

Last night, the original Shanghai Opera (also called Huju Opera) Lady Jin Xiu was performed in Jingjing Auditorium on Minhang Campus, as part of Shanghai Jiao Tong University International Collegiate Culture and Arts Festival. Artists from Shanghai Huju Opera Troupe performed an ode to the friendly harmony between soldiers and civilians. It was a rare chance for audience to be exposed to the local arts of Shanghai, and they were completely immersed in the varied tunes and the unique artistic style of Shanghai Opera.

The rollercoaster storyline of Lady Jin Xiu together with the tactful and graceful singing carried the audience away. The whole opera has created characters with their own distinctive personalities: Lady Jin Xiu is brave and resourceful, which is portrayed profoundly by Xu Rong with her dignified, generous performance and beautiful singing; Liang Chao is a revolutionary youth and played by Ju Feng who has solid opera foundation and exquisite and natural performance; Jin Yuming plays a sly and stubborn villain who is certainly hateful.  

The International Collegiate Arts Festival has introduced many Chinese traditional operas to SJTU Campus, so students can get an up-close view of the traditional cultural essence. The evolvement of Shanghai Opera has always been closely related to historical vicissitude of Shanghai as it keeps the language characteristics, cultural memory and secular customs of Shanghai in the form of opera.

The event has not only enriched the artistic atmosphere on campus, improved the aesthetic accomplishment of college students, but also provided a valuable pathway for them to be exposed to the local culture of Shanghai.

Translated by Tian Cong