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Opening Ceremony of 2020 Undergraduates Grandly Held

September 14, 2020      Author:

Opening Ceremony of 2020 Undergraduates Grandly Held

—— A Greeting-to-the-Future with Vows and Responsibilities

On the morning of September 13, Shanghai Jiao Tong University held the opening ceremony for 2020 undergraduates. It was attended by Yang Zhenbin, Secretary of the CPC SJTU CommitteePresident Lin Zhongqin, other school leaders, teacher representatives, student representatives, and more than 4,000 freshmen. This ceremony was held at 20 school venues, with Fok Ying Tung Sports Center at Minhang Campus as the main venue, and broadcasted through online platforms, marking the special beginning of the new SJTUers’ college life with vows and responsibilities.

Message from President Lin: Forging Ahead with Great Aspirations

President Lin Zhongqin congratulated the freshmen on succeeding in this year’s college entrance exam after an “extended” final year of senior high school and entering their dream school. At the same time, he said, “We will definitely nurture and take good care of your dreams entrusted to SJTU, so that everyone can grow into talent in a campus full of innovation, vitality and humane care.

Virtue education fostered through four inspirational, heartwarming original videos

The ceremony was also educational. At the beginning of the opening ceremony, the original video of the traditional program "Parents" used a new chapter to express gratitude to parents on behalf of the freshmen.

The story starts with the scene where the freshmen first arrived at the university and began missing their parents. Then it switches to the family life of Tang Le, a freshman from Hubei, and shows how his parents missed and loved him. His parents, longing for hearing from their son, were cheered up by his every bit of progress, greeting calls and WeChat messages. Tang Le’ s father, a doctor who had fought against the epidemic in Wuhan, said, “We hope that he will be a useful person to the country and society.” Indeed, this is also the wish of all parents of the freshmen.

Teachers’ expectations: making college life worth for you, your family, and our nation

Professor Zheng Hang from School of Physics and Astronomy, also winner of the 2020 Teaching Excellence Award, was also a student enrolled in SJTU in 1977. He recalls when he attended the opening ceremony just like the freshmen here 43 years ago, how he devoted to the construction of our nation, and what he has witnessed in China’s rapid development. He hopes that SJTUers could combine their own ambitions with our country’s development, for making contributions to our nation and people will be the happiness and achievements of one’s entire life.

Advice from senior student representative: bearing in mind our love and responsibilities to the country

In the era of changes, SJTUers never forget their original intention and keep working hard in order to achieve their dream with extraordinary excellence. SJTUers are always in action to meet the needs of the times and the nation. On behalf of all the undergraduate students, Li Yutong, who joined SJTU School of Foreign Languages in 2017 and now is the member of Presidium of student Union, shows the warmest welcome to all the freshmen from all over the world.

Freshman’s determination: the dream-seeking journey departs from here

College life marks a new starting point for a brand-new journey. Undoubtedly, these fresh, eager, young minds carry with them the most distinct aspirations and longings. Hao Minlei, from SJTU School of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Civil Engineering, delivered a speech on behalf of all the freshmen. First, as a high school graduate under the pandemic, he showed respect to all the medic staff and other people’s heroes from all walks of life. Displayed artistic potential in art during high school, Han chooses to join Class of Engineering Mechanics under the Strong Foundation program instead. He hopes that in the future, he could help with the scientific and technological development of our nation and become a real dream seeker for the Chinese Dream.

At the end of the opening ceremony, the university anthem of SJTU was played. The flowing melody and lyrics shows the history, culture and spirit of SJTU and carries the cornerstone and emotional belonging of all SJTUers, which will keep inspiring and accompanying them to forge ahead with unswerving perseverance and responsibilities.

Translated by Fu Jing, Han Yueyue