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【CGTN】Touching moment as medical staff see off recovered patients

February 11, 2020      Author: Zhao Yunfei

It was a tradition at Wuhan No. 3 Hospital - once a coronavirus patient made a recovery, the hospital held a simple farewell ceremony.

Although the elderly deemed to be the most vulnerable group, through the persistent efforts of medical staff, the capital of Hubei Province, 66-year-old Aunty Tong was able to make a full recovery.

"Doctors and nurses from Shanghai took good care of me. I am very grateful. I am very emotional. My tears burst out," Tong said.

Zhou Qiang, Tong's son, said he was anxious initially because his mother's condition was so severe. Zhou praised the high-level support she received from all the medical staff.

"They are all good doctors. They are very professional, which can relieve our stress as patient's relatives," Zhou said.

Wuhan No. 3 hospital welcomed a support team from Shanghai a few days ago. Many of whom had experiences from the 2003 SARS epidemic.

"The Shanghai team and Wuhan team both trust each other, and we both have one common goal - to win the battle in a short period of time," said Chen Erzhen, head of the supporting team from Shanghai Ruijin Hospital.

"The Shanghai team has brought us knowledge, techniques, and manpower. We quickly made a consensus and carried out specific treatment plans," said Fu Shouzhi, Director of Emergency Room of Wuhan No.3 Hospital.

By Monday, more than 18,000 medical workers from all over China brought not only their skills and expertise to Wuhan but also their warmth and empathy.

(Meng Mingwei and Zhang Youze also contributed to the story.)