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CFHI, SJTU Signed to Build a Joint Research Institute

October 21, 2011      Author: School of Mechanical Engineering

On the morning of October 20, 2011, the signing ceremony of "China First Heavy Industries' Basic Research Institute of Heavy-Duty Technical Equipment SJTU Branch", jointly built by China First Heavy Industries (CFHI) and SJTU, was held on Minhang Campus. Lin Zhongqin, Vice President of SJTU, met with Ma Ke, President of CFHI, along with his delegation.

In the ceremony, Xi Lifeng, Executive Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering, introduced the general situation of the school in aspects of subject setting, brain cultivation, research results, international cooperation and the like to the delegation. Gao Feng, Director of the state key laboratory of Mechanical System and Vibration, briefed them on the general cooperative background, project results and so on.

Ma Ke said that as an important partner to CFHI, SJTU has completed a series of cooperative projects with high quality and innovation, playing a tremendous role in the equipment's improvement of CFHI. The establishment of "SJTU Branch" will fully tap in their respective advantages in a bid to expand company's services, transfer research results, and make greater contributions to the construction of China's heavy-duty equipment.

Mr. Lin Zhongqin was quite sympathetic to CFHI's acknowledgement and valuation on SJTU's cooperation. He suggested that both CFHI and SJTU should think about how to conduct more practical, more profound and more thorough cooperation in the future. He also wished the establishment of "SJTU Branch" would play an active role in SJTU's exploration of better college-enterprise cooperation with national leading enterprises.


Translated by Zhen Yinghui | Reviewed by Tian Cong