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【China Daily】Beidou's 2nd Trial Held in Yangtze Delta

June 22, 2013      Author: Wang Ying

A demonstration project was launched on Friday in the Yangtze River Delta for China's Beidou satellite navigation system, which will provide precise navigation, positioning and time services to the nation's richest region, sources said.

The system had a successful trial in southern China's Pearl River Delta last year.

The trial plan, with a construction period of 18 months and investment of 190 million yuan ($31 million), has three parts.

A Beidou-based location service infrastructure system will be built, which will support both the Beidou terrestrial-strengthening network and a Wi-Fi network.

"The demonstration project will not only help Shanghai's future development, but also lead to the broad application of the Beidou satellite navigation system," Ran Chengqi, director and spokesman of the China Satellite Navigation Office, told a work conference in Shanghai.

By embedding Beidou navigation system chips in mobile phones, watches, school badges and other devices, these facilities will help send alarms and lead to the rescue of children or the elderly during emergencies by providing positioning information about the chip carrier, according to Zhang.

"The system should be more than a life support; it should also make life more interesting," he added

"Regarding the long history and broad application of GPS globally, it will take a long time for Beidou's own development, but the two systems are compatible rather than rivals," said Yu Wenxian, a professor with Shanghai Jiaotong University.

The key is to make the system stable, with as many services as possible, added Yu.

Ran noted that the Yangtze River Delta region demonstration project comes after the Pearl River Delta one, which was launched last year in May.

The two regions are extremely important, and the Yangtze River Delta will be a good example in the civilian application of the Beidou navigation system nationwide, said Ran.





Source: China Daily