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3rd Publication on PAR by Prof Liu Bangcheng's Team

October 26, 2020      Author: SIPA, SJTU

Recently, the team of Professor Liu Bangcheng from the School of International and Public Affairs of Shanghai Jiaotong University (SIPA, SJTU) published the latest results of the team's research on public sector organizational changes in Public Administration Review (PAR), the top international public administration journal."Employees' Change Support in the Public Sector-A Multi-Time Field Study Examining the Formation of Intentions and Behaviors" is the title of their article. The first author of this article is Dr. Ahmad Bayiz Ahmad, a postdoctoral researcher in SIPA, while Professor Liu Bangcheng is the corresponding author of this article.

Abstract:Recent micro-level research on public sector reform and change highlights the importance of employees' reactions to change. Based on the assumption that intentions determine behaviors, scholars have focused on the importance of understanding how change-supportive intentions are formed. However, how change-supportive intentions translate to change-supportive behaviors over time has received less attention. Drawing on the theory of planned behavior and public administration literature, this study examines the formation of change-supportive intentions and behaviors based on data from a two-wave field study of 135 public school teachers undergoing a major top-down reform in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The results highlight the explanatory value of the psychological perspective for change-supportive intentions as well as for change-supportive behaviors measured nine months later. The findings of the present study are theoretically and practically relevant as they offer new insights into the psychological mechanisms involved in the formation of change support in the context of public organizations.

Dr. Ahmad Bayiz Ahmad is currently a postdoctoral researcher at SIPA, SJTU (the co-professor is Prof. Bangcheng Liu). Dr Ahmad Bayiz Ahmad has been published 7 papers in important journals of public management in the last few years, such as "Public Management Review", "International Journal of Public Management", and "Personnel Management".

The team of Prof. Liu Bangcheng has been committed to strategic human resources and talent management, cross-cultural organizational behavior and transformation management, technology policy and innovation and entrepreneurship, and other fields for a long time. They are good at focusing on important issues in the field of public management and policy from a behavioral and psychological perspective. Prof. Liu Bangcheng has published more than 100 papers (his articles has been cited more than 1,000 times in the past 5 years, and 3 papers have been selected by ESI),published 3 books, and won the third prize for outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences field from the Shanghai Philosophy Society of the Ministry of Education. Moreover, Prof. Liu Bangcheng also received second prize for scientific outstanding achievement and second prize for excellent teaching achievement.

In recent years, SIPA SJTU not only adhered to both quantity and quality, but putting quality at our first place. SIPA SJTU not only implement an active scientific research policy, but also promoting connotative development, and focusing on the cultivation of high-level scientific research results. Up to now, 3 papers have been published in PAR by the school. Among them, two new articles will be added in 2020. Meanwhile, SIPA SJTU will also add two newly selected ESI (top 1%) highly cited papers and many important scientific research results reprinted by "Xinhua Wen Zhai", an Authoritative Journal in China.