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3 SJTU Alumni Elected as 2021 IEEE Fellows

November 30, 2020      Author:

Recently, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has released the 2021 IEEE fellow list. Lu Baoliang, professor from School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering of SJTU, for his contributions to artificial neural networks and affective brain-computer interfaces;

Lu Rongxing, alumnus of Computer Science and Engineering Department in 2006, for his contributions to security and privacy in vehicular;

and Xuan Dong, alumnus of Electronic Engineering Department in 1993, for his contributions to connected coverage in wireless networks, were all elected as 2021 IEEE fellows.

IEEE is the world’s largest and most prestigious non-profit multinational academic organization in the field of electronic, electrical, computer science, communication and automation engineering technology. IEEE fellow is the highest membership title in this association and the highest honor granted by the organization. Every year, they are selected by peer experts from members who have made outstanding contributions. The number of elected members does not exceed 0.1% of the total members. Thus, being elected as an IEEE Fellow is recognized as an authoritative honor and important professional achievement in the academic and technological circles.


SourceSchool of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, SJTU

Translated by Ge Haoyu