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“2012, here we go” – International Students Get-together to Celebrate the Coming New Year

December 26, 2011      Author: School of International Education

Over 400 SJTU international students from nearly 50 countries gathered together to celebrate the coming New Year in Minhang Ziteng Hotel and the Suites Hotel in Xuhui respectively. Present at the party were also university leaders and directors, the school dean and faculty.

Dean of School of International Education (SIE) Zhang Shengkun gave a passionate speech in which he sent New Year greetings to all faculty and students present and felt deeply thankful for the colleagues' support to the SIE development. Secretary of SIE Party Committee Liu Jianxin wished international students a progress in study, a cheerful life at SJTU and she also hoped that they can make calls to family members to send a blessing and tell of their safety and peace in China.

The party was imbued with joy and warmth. Dance, musical instrument playing, playlet, magic shows and other distinctive programs brought climax one after another. Interspersed games and lucky draw attracted laughter, applause and cheers from the audience. 29 award winners in the poetry contest and 20 selected outstanding international students were also recognized at the party.

The annual New Year-Christmas Party is the "Christmas Feast" organized by SIE for international students so they, far away from their homeland in China, can feel the joy and warmth of Christmas the same way. It is also a stage for international students to shine by giving full play to their self awareness and organizational capacity and to have a warm and memorable life at SJTU.


Translated by Tian Cong