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Dr. Xue Ruihong Published English Poem on Fighting Against COVID-19

December 17, 2020      Author:

Recently, Dr. Xue Ruihong from The International Peace Maternity & Child Health Hospital of China Welfare Institute (IPMCH) wrote a poem titled "Faith and Hope" in response to the COVID-19 onslaught. The poem was published in Journal of Clinical Lipidology, the one and only official journal of National Lipid Association (NLA).

In the context of the epidemic, people across the world have been haunted by anxiety, depression and huge misery that have taken a huge toll on their mental health, and even changed the way they work and live. It is reported that, people who suffer from the epidemic are more easily to be subject to negative emotions like depression and anxiety, as evidenced by the not uncommon news reports on the suicide of middle school students and postgraduates. That means it is of practical significance to arouse people's awareness in coping with negative feelings and even take active measures in treatments and premedical intervention.

The poem written in 5 stanzas (altogether 25 lines) is a paean of life filled with faith and hope. In the poem, Dr. Xue recalls his childhood of running freely in the autumn field, and it turns out that all the sorrows in his early life have now become sweet memory. Reality intertwined with his recollection, Dr. Xue presents how he looks forward to the paradise in the hell, and how he greets the arrival of a hopeful spring in a bleak autumn. Just as he says in the poem: Life is a journey/Painful experiences,Beautiful memories/Beacon of faith and hope/Light up the bright future", Xue believes this poem is both a relief and an inspiration for people involved in fighting against the epidemic.

Faith and Hope

Rui-hong Xue MD


Take off my coat

Blowing in the wind

Running freely

In the Autumn field

Full of faith and hope


Childhood innocence

Laugh heartily

Leaping over the hills

Chasing butterflies

Fly like a dragonfly


By the pond

Watching tadpoles swimming

Pick it up with tender hands

Put it back in the water

Splashing with little friends


Grazing cattle

A romance in the books

A burden for childhood

Escape it occasionally

With a sense of guilty


Life is a journey

Painful experiences

Beautiful memories

Beacon of faith and hope

Light up the bright future