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SJTU Undergraduates Published Paper in TPAMI for the First Time

April 21, 2020      Author: School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering

Under the guidance of Yan Junchi, an associate professor from Department of Computer Science & Engineering and a member of SJTU Artificial Intelligence Institute, two senior students named Jiang Zetian and Wang Tianzhe wrote a research paper on multi-graph matching titled "Unifying Offline and Online Multi-graph Matching via Finding Shortest Paths on Supergraph", which was accepted by IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI), an influential journal in the field of artificial intelligence. The paper was submitted in July, 2019 (during the summer holiday between their junior year and senior year) and published in April, 2020, which took only 9 months. Both reviewers gave the highest remark of "excellent", and it was the first time for TPAMI to accept co-authored paper by undergraduate students from SJTU.

In addition, under the Professor Yan's supervision, the two students also wrote a paper on multi-graph matching and cluster titled "Clustering-aware Multiple Graph Matching via Decayed Pairwise Matching Composition", which was presented at AAAI2020, a top-notch conference in the field of artificial intelligence held by AAAI (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence). The paper entered Class A in the recommendation list of China Computer Federation (CCF).

Translated  by Zhang Wenying     Reviewed by Wang Bingyu