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Liang Wanqi’s Team Reveals Formation of Pollen Exine Patterning in Rice

October 23, 2020      Author:

Recently, Liang Wanqi's team from the School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, SJTU published their latest research entitled "Grass-Specific EPAD1 Is Essential for Pollen Exine Patterning in Rice" in The Plant Cell, an authoritative journal in plant biology. This paper discusses the important role of EXINE PATTERN DESIGNER 1 (EPAD1), a Grass-specific type G nsLTP, in the process of pollen exine patterning in rice. SJTU doctoral student Li Huanjun and post-doctor Yu-Jin Kim are the co-first authors. SJTU Researcher Liang Wanqi is the corresponding author.

This study reveals the function of the Poaceae-specific EPAD1 in the formation of pollen exine pattern in rice and provides a new understanding for further studying the role of microspores in the pollen exine patterning and the formation mechanism of species-specific pollen exine patterning. This paper is another important research result by Liang Wanqi's team after two papers on the formation mechanism of pollen surface patterning published respectively in Nature Plants and aBiotech this year.

This work was supported by funds from National Key Technologies Research and Development Program of China (2016ZX08009003), National Natural Science Foundation of China (U19A2031, 31322040), SJTU JiRLMDS Joint Research Fund, ARC FT and DP grants (DP190101941; FT160100218), etc.


Paper Link: http://www.plantcell.org/content/early/2020/10/22/tpc.20.00551


Author: The School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Affiliation: The School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, SJTU